Does the iPhone Business Make AAPL a Trading Stock or Bond Coupon?

We think it's a bit of both... Smartphones are a mature market and lack of revolutionary innovation and mispricing have led to well publicized iPhone challenges... With the iPhone installed base at 900M units and oldest devices approaching 5 years, we believe annual iPhone shipments are running near replacement demand (900M / 5yrs = 180M) - potentially a supportive LT annuity for device sales... We model iPhone units down 15% Y/Y in CY19 to 175M units, but a C1H19 run-rate of 75M units implies an improved C2H trajectory and therefore the stock could be a good buy from a short-term trading standpoint as well... Stock buybacks can help support the stock near term, in our view..."

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"It seems likely to us that Boeing will compensate operators for their grounded aircraft and this can take many forms, including both near-term cash and future purchase economics... As a floor, if 737 MAX rent is ~$300k per month and there are ~375 in service, the monthly impact would be ~$115 mn; however, airlines will likely seek compensation for the cost of alternative lift, other operating costs, and lost profits, so the final number could be a multiple of this amount.."

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